When the Arizona Diamondbacks were awarded a Major League Baseball franchise on March 9, 1995 I took that as an omen that I was destined to follow this team. After all, what other explanation could there possibly be for the team to be unveiled on my birthday? Two days later in the driving rain I stood downtown at then America West Arena and waited to put $50 down for a season ticket that would not be available for 3 years. They had not even broken ground on a stadium yet and I already had a deposit on season tickets.

img_5767The next three years were spent watching as the team slowly came together. I was there for the first draft in Diamondbacks history and watched as the Lethbridge Black Diamondbacks took the field as the first representatives of the Arizona Diamondbacks farm system. I spent the day at the Phoenix Civic Center where I tracked each draft pick in the expansion draft when the Diamondbacks finally had players on their Major League Roster. The dream really began on March 31, 1998 when the Arizona Diamondbacks hosted the Colorado Rockies in their first ever game.

My love affair for this baseball franchise has never wavered. I celebrated in 2001 when the Diamondbacks became the fastest expansion team to ever win the World Series. It was made extra special by the fact that they beat the New York Yankees just a few short weeks removed from the tragedy of September 11. I survived the frustration and aggravation of the 111 loss season in 2004 the most in franchise history. I've survived two ownership changes, and saw the colors change from Purple and Teal to the current Sedona Red, Sonoran Sand, and Black. It has been an incredible journey

During this whole time I diligently kept a diary of my experiences with the team and with baseball in general. As the Internet dawned this diary has moved from a paper form to electronic. The result is a baseball blog entitled Diary of a Diehard - "Just a guy from Section 132 Row 9 Seat 9". Diary of a Diehard chronicles the life and times of a diehard Arizona Diamondbacks fan whose life revolves around baseball in the desert and in particular at Chase Field. It is here you will find me nearly every night from early April through hopefully the end of October.

I welcome you to stop by if you happen to be at the game. If you have questions, comments, or just want to make recommendations of baseball-related subjects you would like to see me cover, please feel free to contact me on this web site. I always love talking to fellow baseball fans.