By his very nature man is a social creature. Since the beginning of time he has attempted to communicate with others. Early forms of communication attempted to express man's observation of events going around him. This message evolved over time and became an opportunity not only to describe his own live but to interact with others to gain an understanding of what their experiences were.

Hawaiian JeffAs time marched on and man became more "civilized" the forms of his communication evolved too. No longer content with drawing rudimentary figures on the walls of his cave; man looked for other avenues of expression. The arts were utilized to describe man's thoughts and emotions. Song, dance, theater, music, sculpture, painting all were utilized to communicate thoughts and ideas. Still man was not content and strived for yet other communication tools he could use to express himself.

We are now at the dawn of a new millennium one that has seen substantial advancement in both technology and the understanding of man's need for communication. With the advent of the Internet an entire new communication landscape has been born. And like the analogous American Old West, this new territory is still being explored. The rules are simple, there aren't any. It is left to the pioneers to define the boundaries and how this territory will develop.

As one with a flair for adventure I am welcoming this new opportunity with open arms. As a child we all heard the stories of the early explorers who set out on a grand adventure to try and grasp the unknown and see what had never before been seen. This is a grand age for those who seek the freedom of a new communication medium. I welcome you to come along for the journey as we walk down this path of new technology and communication mechanisms. Like any great adventure we are not sure where this will lead but the journey promises to be exciting and insightful.

Like all great adventurers we need to approach this territory with an open mind and document what we learn so that others who follow along the trail behind us can gain from our experiences. For this reason I have added this page to describe some of the places I have gone and to give enough information to allow others to decide whether to follow or stay clear. My goal is not to assess each service and render a verdict. I can speak for no one other than myself. What I can do is to introduce you to places I have found along my journey and invite you to explore on your own to see which of these places can help you to fulfill your social needs. Best of luck fellow adventurers, let us forge ahead and become the path builders during this historic time.

My Social Network Profiles

So if you happen to be on any of these services, feel free to say hi or drop me a message. It's always good to get back in touch with friends. If you would like to see what I'm sharing, I invite you to follow along. I am currently most active on Twitter and Facebook.